With more than 25 years of experience in soccer, Soccer Interservices is leading the programming international summer camps. It is always a good time to enjoy an experience that you will remember all your life. If your plan are in Madrid or Dallas and you want to play soccer, do not hesitate to contact us.



'In soccer, Individual work will make you stand out, but team work will give you trophies''

If your goal is competing in Spain or USA we will make it real. Select one the most recommended packages and their available dates. Keep an eye out for different updates so you don't miss the chance to participate in tournaments or exclusive experiences.

The trip include but it is not limited to:

Accommodation(4* Hotel or equivalent)

All Transitions to programmed goals.

Soccer Advisory Program

Course Advisory Program (if applicable)

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Looking for an early opportunity to shine? This is your trip

European Dream

Under 18 ages

An exclusive opportunity to get strong with your participation in European football. Do not miss this opportunity to shine.

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American Dream

Under 18 ages

A wonderful opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable stay in Dallas Texas, one of the most fashionable cities in the United States.



Are you planning to go to one of our destinations to specialize as a coach, footballer, or simply exchange culture? 

The trip include but it is not limited to:

Airfare Ticket


Soccer Advisory Program

Course Advisory Program

All ages are welcome but it is not guarantee the participation



The country of opportunities, puts at your disposal one of its fastest growing cities. Gain international experience and dream of achieving the prestigious American dream.


Can you imagine traveling to the Spanish capital and having the accommodation and a team tailored to your needs? Now it is possible. You could enjoy that stay for as long as you choose. Places are limited.

Find the plan that best suits you, to reach your sports goals. Applicable to all our experiences, and with available financing plans of up to one year.




We are experiencing updates in order to expand our services.

Great things will come soon.

We continue receiving applications for 2021 events.

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