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Atlético Pachuca17​

All Selections include 

A minimum of four sessions per week

Hot shower at the facilities

Locker room for the participant

Free Club hospitality Jersey

Club agent/representative fee

Parking spot at the sport complex

Club game tickets

Train with

Atlético Pachuca17​


Unidad Deportiva Martin Alarcon Hisojo, Camino a La Hortaliza MZ 087, Coaxustenco, San Francisco Coaxusco, State of Mexico, Mexico

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Representative Contact

Club website

About the Clubs programs

Formative Programs

Join this prestigious club minimum of one month and a maximum of one year will be accepted. The coaches and players will accepts the club rules, regulation and schedules.


A maximum of two week will be accepted. After this two weeks, the club will submit a resolution with the trial results.

Estimated rates in this club

Coach Formative

Two weeks trial

Players Formative


*These are estimated rates.

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Atlético Pachuca17​

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