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Spain Round Trip

Spain Round Trip - Under 16



Soccer Experiences

June 15th - July 1st

Hotel Silken Puerta Madrid 4*

-5 Days Real Madrid Foundation Practices

-5 days Getafe C.F.S.A.D. Practices

Soccer Tours


More Services

-Real Madrid Santiago Bernabeu

-Atletico de Madrid -Wanda Metropolitano


-UEFA PRO Coaches

-24 Hours monitoring

-ONVIPRO Technology

Spain Round Trip - Over 16



Soccer Practices

Scrimmages & Scouting 

15 July - August 1st



7 Days Practices in Sierra Nevada(3200m altitude)

8 hours per day by Spanish UEFA PRO COACHES

Tournament with PRO teams in Spain

Scouting attendance.

Soccer Tours

-Real Madrid - Santiago Bernabeu

-Atletico de Madrid - WANDA Metropolitano

Where it is come from?

Soccer Interservices arises from the enthusiasm and commitment to train young talents of football and show the Spanish football around the world, We want to enhance the sports and intellectual skills encouraging and guiding in them the interest and expectations for starting their university education, their professional career or both.

How is it make?

Players from different countries are concentrated, with the purpose of expanding their goals. Our efforts are focused on exposing these players to the demands of the best Spanish football teams.Always adjusted to your level and expectations

Why is it so special?




 Enjoy training with the most innovative methodologies, developed by our UEFA coaches. Sessions adapted exclusively for this special moment by great professionals of Spanish football. 

Unique experience in the best accommodation conditions, guided tours, adapted diets and unique football experiences in the capital of Spain. 

Highest level of competition with matches against the best academy teams in the Spanish capital. Final tournament with commemoration of the winner and all  participants. 

Values & objetives


All our training will be aimed at adapting the physical form of the player until reaching the maximum thresholds through effort and personal sacrifice, thus achieving the best impressions in the matches. 


 We will focus on improving technical gestures, increasing the speed of their execution, through the learning of specific exercises


We will carry out theoretical and practical reviews of each and every one of the game forms, thus learning the different aspects of professional and university football, and then applying them to the opposing teams on the field of play. 

Values & objetives


This experience tries to strengthen the academic links by rewarding those players who maintain their high academic goals so we   establish connections with potential universities interested in players.


It will involve making contact with the physical and mental demands to which they will be subjected in their future,They will be involving in a similar enviroment as professional or university life where in most cases there is a separation from the family.


 As important is the effort as a good rest or leisure time, so, they will also have the opportunity to know the wonders that hides the Spanish capital, always surrounded by a sporting environment and with unbeatable personal conditions.