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Support Group


We will introduce a new way to support our players who have exceptional skills, but come from low income families. 

Help us to make their dream real.

We ask sponsors who aim to help players in providing them the opportunity of their life, by assisting they to pay for the package expenses, and if they consider it the airfare ticket. 

How we work with sponsors:

What we do for sponsors:

1.Social media recognition & advertising.

2.Logos or Shields sponsor during the events (limited spots).

3. Players gratitude.

4. Other adequate companies suggestion.

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We pride ourselves on collaborating with top class organizations for our soccer goals. Their support guarantees the best education and soccer services for our clients. We want to thank you for your support.

The best club in the world provides one of the most exclusive services for our company. The Real Madrid Foundation runs our training services in the Real Madrid sports complex. A very precious value for our company. Thank you.

A club with exceptional growth in the last 10 years has become a world reference. Not only for the football quality of this team, but for the quality of the human resources they posses . Getafe C.F. is a unique experience. Thank you.

Autocares JULIA drive our experiences like no one else could, quality of buses and unbeatable quality of their drivers. Thank you.

It is not easy to feel at home when you are many miles away. Hotel Crown plaza makes you forget about the distance and you will find Madrid as your new home. Thank you.

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