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Soccer Interservices is always available to any question.

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Do you want to be a collaborator? We invite you to be part of an ambitious and committed group. Make your application and start working with us with part- time or full time opportunities.

We want to create an exclusive network in which entities dedicated to the world of football want to participate in globalization and expansion.
If you are interested in requesting our services, you can make an appointment with one of our managers to discuss the possibilities and learn about their facilities.

Frequent questions

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate in our experience. However, only after passing the selection process with our recruitment manager will you be chosen and confirmed your attendance.

How is the selection process?

It is a process in which you will evaluate your age, your previous experience in sports and your goals when making this experience. Therefore, anyone can be eligible. In some cases, a vision will be required to confirm your attendance at the experience.

How can I apply if I don't have code?

Very simple, make your registration on the web by pressing apply from one of the LINK that appear on the website. You will be asked for a new registration with email and password. As soon as we receive your request, we will contact you to indicate the next steps.

How to register more than one player?

In that case, the same individual process will be carried out, taking into account that both of you will have to go through the recruitment manager

Why soccer interservices?

For its innovative service, you practice with the best teams, UEFA coaches, bilingual monitors, 24 hour assistance and the exclusive web monitoring where you can follow the experience from anywhere in the world in real time.