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Soccer Interservices is always available to any question.

 (+1) 214 683 9336

What we do

Whatever your experience be, we will turn it true.

Document support

                                                       We do it for you!

We can give you support in your VISA, paperwork and arrival, as your convenience.

Accommodation &


You may choose between a fantastic selection of hotels, residences, boarding schools or apartments for your stay.

Hotel Silken Puerta Madrid, Compostela Suites, Eurobuilding, Marriot...

Transitions will be adapted to your request. Buses, vans, rental cars... you may choose the best option for you.

Autocares Julia

Soccer advisory program

Choose the teams which you would like to participate during your stay. Friendly matches, training experiences and/ or showcases.

getafe cf.jpg

Courses & academics

(If apply)

Complete your experience with expert trainers to improve your methodologies, Receive federated courses or trainings during the stay.

Academic selection based on your own requested:



-High school


Select your timeline

Short term: One week, two weeks or three weeks.

Half term: It is considered from three weeks  to the day before 89 days.

Long term:  This term is considered  when a stay exceeds  three months (from 91 days of stay).

Keep in mind that for any stay longer than  90 days, the acquisition of a Visa  will be mandatory to remain in Spain (no matter the country of origin). We advise you